All services are available for home or business! Make sure to expand each service to learn more.

All services for laptop or desktop, PC or Mac!

  • Upgrades

    Need more storage space? How about more multitasking power? These services and more are available – let us upgrade your computer to handle it!

  • New Computer Advice

    Need a new computer? Let us recommend the best option within your budget! FREE SERVICE with purchase of setup/installation!

  • Setup/installation

    Got a new computer? Let us set it up and transfer your data from the old one! These services and more are available.

  • Peripheral Setup

    Got a new printer? How about a larger monitor? We can set it up for you!

  • Hardware and Software Diagnostic and Repair

    Broken laptop screen? Hard drive crash? Beeping errors on your computer? “Blue screen of death”? Let us diagnose and fix it! These services and more are available.

  • Virus, malware, and spyware removal

    Did you get the latest nasty virus/malware/spyware? Let us remove it!

  • Data backup and recovery

    Let us setup a backup strategy to pre-empt a crash. We can either set up an ongoing plan to back it up for you or setup something automatic. Did you already have a crash and lose some data? We may be able to perform a standard data recovery process to get it back!

  • Emergency/Disaster Data Recovery

    Hard drive failure? Delete an important file? Let us recover it for you with professional emergency data recovery tools! This service can get pricey but we only charge upon successful recovery.

Wired and Wireless Networking

  • Home and Business Wired Networking

    Wired networks provide superior stability and security when compared to wireless networks. Keeping things plugged in is possible in many situations. We are experienced with running wires in walls and ceilings in order to get everything connected. Let us provide a no-cost estimate (30 minutes or less) for your networking project!

  • Home and Business Wireless Networking

    When wired networking isn’t feasible, or you just want the freedom to go wireless, we can help! We are experienced with using multiple access points to cover large areas, as well as making the most from a single, powerful access point or router. Let us provide a no-cost estimate (30 minutes or less) for your networking project!

Complete audio, video, and/or theater setup and installation! Perfect for home or business use.

  • Wall-mounted TVs

    We can mount your TVs on the wall and run the wires for components in the wall.

  • Surround Sound

    We can setup surround sound for your television for the best possible sound! Depending on construction, we can run all of the wires in the walls and mount speakers in optimal locations.

  • Streaming Media Players

    Let us connect your streaming media player to your TV and your Internet connect. We can install any player you own, but we also sell Roku players to help get you up and running with one of the best in the business!

  • Whole Home or Business Audio

    There are many options for whole home or business audio. We can help you choose the right one, from internet-connected Sonos, to a CD player and an amplifier.

  • Audio and Video Calibration

    Get your system up and running at peak performance! Color calibration for the screen, audio calibration for room size, and more!

Do you want to make your life simpler by controlling your home or business from a central location? We can help! If you’re building a new structure, please see the next tab (New Construction Wiring) for an extensive list of options!

  • Connected home or office

    We offer Wi-Fi thermostats that can be controlled from your smartphone, from Nest!

  • Home or Office Automation

    We can retrofit most existing construction to have controllable lighting, audio, and more!

Building or remodeling a home or business? We can kickstart your project into the future with appropriate wiring while the walls are open! Save THOUSANDS of dollars by planning all of the wiring out now, before the walls and ceilings are in place!

  • Networking

    Wired networking is essential in today’s technology world. Running these wires while the walls are open is the BEST way to be prepared for all future needs!

  • Wi-Fi Access Points

    Plan for Wi-Fi access points in key locations throughout your structure and get network cables to these locations before closing the walls!

  • Connected Audio

    Plan for speakers, distributed audio, and more!

  • Connected home or office

    Intercoms from room to room, including the doorbell! Wi-Fi thermostats that can be controlled from your smartphone, from Nest!

  • Home or Office Automation

    We can prepare you for the future, with wiring for window shades, lighting, audio, video, security, and more! You don’t even have to use all of these options immediately, but planning the wiring while the walls are open will save you THOUSANDS of dollars later on!

  • Security Camera Systems

    It is easiest to get cameras to where you want them before construction is finalized!

Want to feel more secure? We can help with that by installing a security camera system! Many options are available, and we can set the systems up so that you can view them from any TV in your home, and any cell phone, tablet, or computer that you own!

We offer wired and wireless phone systems for home or business. Our primary partner is 3CX, but we are able to work with other options as well!

Own or manage a business? We got you covered!

  • Setup and install Point of Sale Systems

    We work with QuickBooks Point of Sale and a few others (iPad Restaurant Systems, and more). We will manage everything from purchasing to setup and programming to get your business running optimally with excellent record-keeping and inventory functions!

  • Setup and install Cash Registers

    If you decide a Point of Sale system is too clunky, cumbersome, or costly, we have you covered with some basic and advanced cash registers! Most of these can integrate to QuickBooks via an SD card and spreadsheets. Higher-end models have barcode scanners and product look-ups in order to make customer checkout times much faster! We work with Sharp, Casio, and other cash registers.

  • Credit Card Processing Services

    We have partnered with local company National Processing Solutions to handle all of your credit card processing needs! We pair some of the lowest rates in the business with the revolutionary Payments in Kind donation system, which allows you to pick a charity for US to donate part of our profits to!

  • Phone Systems

    We offer wired and wireless phone systems for your business. Our primary partner is 3CX, but we are able to work with other options as well!

We offer training for a wide variety of technical devices! One-on-one and classroom settings are both available.

  • Computer and software

    Learn how to use your computer easier and more efficiently

  • ALL smartphones and cell phones

    • Android
    • iPhone
    • Windows Phone
    • BlackBerry
    • Even your flip phone!

  • Home theater devices

    Learn how to use that universal remote, and much more!

  • Car technology

    Let us show you how to use your GPS system, satellite radio, link your cell phones via Bluetooth, and more!

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